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Priority Project 30

Inland Waterway Seine-Scheldt

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PP30 will connect the French inland waterway network to the Belgian, Dutch and German network and ports, as well to the main ports of the Northern Range (Le Havre, Rouen, Dunkirk, Zeebrugge, Ghent, Antwerp and Rotterdam). It will make them accessible for large gauge barges. Together with PP18, Rhine-Meuse-Main-Danube, it aims to connect all the major inland waterway basins in order to integrate inland waterway solidly into the EU’s transport network. Considering the complexity of this project and PP18, the European Commission appointed Mrs Karla Peijs as European Coordinator for Inland Waterway Transport in September 2007.

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Preliminary studies for the development of four multimodal platforms Canal Seine-Nord Europe & their road and rail connections


Planning study for a new maritime lock in Terneuzen


Additional studies in the Seine-Scheldt network in Flanders


Studies to upgrade the Oise river between Compiègne and Creil to Vb gauge


Rebuilding of the dams in Boran and Venette on the river Oise


Upgrade of Deûle river size to 3,000 tonnes between Sequedin and Deûlémont


Study of the navigability of the 'Upper-Seascheldt' and the 'Southern Ghent Ring Canal' for class Va motor vessels (1500-3000 tonnage)


Implementation of RIS on the Westerscheldt river


Extension of the Grand Canal du Havre


The Seine-Scheldt inland waterway network - cross-border section between Compiègne and Ghent


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